Welcome to doctorswrite

I was posting last year to ‘Dr. Roz Kaplan’s Blog’, which was set up in conjunction with the release of my medical memoir, ‘The Patient in the White Coat’.  This worked for a while, a way to get some readership, but it ultimately became a little chaotic and dissatisfying.  I didn’t post on a regular schedule.  I was writing a lot of other things, and the blog wasn’t priority.  And most importantly, it was a blog without specific focus.  There are way too many bloggers out there just writing ‘stuff’, and I’m not sure that another blog like that was a real contribution to the blogosphere.

So I’m starting this new one, with a focus and a commitment to post 1-2 times weekly.  This site is for doctors, patients, other health care workers, and anyone who is interested in the stories around practicing medicine.  So it’s really a Narrative Medicine blog, and the focus will be bringing the world of medicine to life, in stories and essays, and hopefully informing readers as well as entertaining them.

Let me know how I’m doing as time goes on!


~ by drrozkaplan on January 16, 2012.

3 Responses to “Welcome to doctorswrite”

  1. Love what you write. Look forward to more.

  2. Great idea, Roz–good luck! I’ll be reading.

  3. This reader missed your posts and is happy you’re back to sharing your experiences!

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